WOW ~ This page was hard to make.. smile....
So many of you have been wanting to know just who is behind this site..

My name is Wendy, this is my Son Jeremy..
I'm a wife to my best friend, and a mom to 5..



Military Moms was born on August 2, 2001
after my Son Jeremy left for ITB
 at Ft. Benning.

The day he left, I felt so afraid, lost, worried - all the fears a Mom has.
When would I hear from him and when would I see him again.
Oh, why did he have to go?
But - I also felt so PROUD OF HIM.
When we came home from the airport, I sat at my computer and kept 
refreshing the page to see if his plane landed.
I think I cried a thousand tears that day.

I searched the net looking for some kind of support for Moms,
 I knew if I was feeling this way, surely there must be other
Moms out there feeling the same way I was.

So, (Smile) what felt like my darkest hour of worry for my Son,
Military Moms was born.
I soon found out that hey ~ I'm not alone. Smile...
I did find out, Jeremy had cut the strings.
Silly me. Was me who did not.  
I'm still trying to cut those strings yet today...
Jeremy graduated on 30, Nov 01.
And I can say, he proudly serves in the Unites States Army.
He has done a year tour in Iraq, came home and re-enlisted.
We are very proud of him.

This site started out with only a handful of Moms.
I never dreamed it would grow so big. We have done so many news
interviews. We have had so much fun. Today our message board gets an
average of around 4,000 hits a day!

I have met so many wonderful new friends. 
They say when you join the military and go thru basic training,
you will meet life long friends.... 
I have to say I have met life long friends my self.
When my Son joined, I joined too...
We have become one big family,
 who are here for each other through support, 
encouragement, lots of prayers and love.

So to all you Military Moms. I say HOOAH!!!

Thanks and God Bless
Wendy ~


Military Moms mission --   Since it was first created, MM'S has had only one goal in mind  -- To support ALL military families of ALL branches - To provide support and encouragement to the families who have a loved one serving, to share the love of Jesus Christ - to  support our troops who put them selves in harms way everyday so we can be free. Through various forms of communications here at MM'S, such as our message board, our chat room, letters to our troops, our projects and care packages, MM'S seeks to provide support for the families and  troops.  MM'S is dedicated to provide support for our deployed Troops. Help us let them know that they are not forgotten.  Additionally, This action allows MM'S to boost the morale and spirit of those who are far away from home protecting our home --
America -- Land of the Free -- Home of the Brave -- 
Though our actions, MM'S hopes to promote patriotism in all of America!
Remember Freedom is not Free!

This is a personal web site and is in no way associated, approved by, or reflective of the opinions of the DOD or the DOT.

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