Military Mom Tie Quilt



Pre-wash all fabric to prevent accidental "bleeding", especially reds and dark blues
All instructions allow for 1/4" seams, as usual

Cut a 10 inch x 10 inch square pattern out of paper.  

Then cut out the T-shirt middle with the design.
Then cut a 10 inch x 10 inch of fusible iron-on interfacing medium weight. 
Buy the on interfacing that is packaged and follow the directions to 
apply it to the back of the T-shirt. 

Fold the 10 x 10 inch paper pattern square in half and cut 8 plan white,
 then 8 red with stars rectangle shaped material.

Fold the 10 x 10 square in to quarters and cut out 4 squares of a decorative
 military type material. I found the Army Emblem material at Walmart!
You have to have the backing on the T-shirt, because it is a stretch material.

Cut a pattern out of paper for a 5 1/4 inch square.

Cut out 60 blue and white striped material squares, then cut 4 squares of plain 
blue or blue jean type material. I used blue jean material.

After you have all of the pieces cut out follow the design of the picture of the quilt. 
Sew row by row till done.

Place right sides together of the quilt top and backing material. 
Measure your finished quilt top and cut an appropriate backing to fit it.
 I always cut the backing a little bigger than the quilt top. 
When you sew the quilt top to the backing, sometimes things shift 
and you'll need the extra material. Leave an opening like you would 
for a pillow, about a two fist size (you need to get your hand and the materials through it).
 An easy backing technique is to use a sheet. You will only need a small sheet for this quilt. 
Sew on a 5/8 inch seam. Trim any excess material.

Next lay the sewn quilt with backing down and place the batting on top of it. 
Cut the batting to fit, but add that extra, in case of a shift in sewing. 
Pin on the batting from underneath. Flip it over and sew the batting to the 
quilt on a machine baste stitch inside the 5/8 inch seam. 
This is why you pinned it underneath, so that you can flip it over and see your 5/8 stitch line.
 The batting side should now be underneath.
After the batting is machine basted on, trim all excess batting.

Flip your quilt top, sheet and batting right side out, it's a simple as making a pillow.
Pin the hole closed and hand sew it, I used a slip stitch.
Lay the entire quilt back down and pin it at all corners of each square of material, 
or for those that have done a quilt before finish as usual. 
For beginners, Start at the four corners and work your way around till 
all quilt squares has a pin in it and your quilt is covered. 
This is where you are pinning the quilt together and making it lye flat and it looks great!

Now you get to sit in front on the TV with your quilt on your lap and put in the ties.
Get a fat embroidery needle and red and blue embroidery thread. I use the full strand.
Pull the thread through corner to corner and tie off about a 1/2 inch, or whatever looks 
good to you. I like to triple tie my quilts. That just means tie it three times.
Use red embroidery thread on the strips and blue on the rest.



Michele (Ken's Mom)
Anyone that needs more help, feel free to e-mail me.

 A BIG THANK YOU to Michele (Ken's Mom) 
for the design, dimensions and donating her time 
to make this quilt for



We are allowing individuals to create a Military Mom Quilt for themselves, 
but these materials must not be made available for sale or barter to others. 
The MM quilt is copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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